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Simplicity and quality is packed into these grills that you notice when you first touch the power button. Such a versatile cooking tool: ribs, pizza, halibut, salmon, flame broiled steak, jerky, even cookies! It has my creativity begging for more.

Chris Felt, Alberta, Canada

Since getting our LG900 in 2013 we have grilled in rain, sleet or snow…No holding us back from having the best tasting meals! We’re able to use an abundance of flavored pellets as well. When we start to grill, our neighbors lean on our fence and learn techniques from marinating, to the ability to grill low or high temps. No worrying when to add more pellets. You are able to fill the pellets, and go on your merry way. With a huge corner property, we can complete tasks as we grill, or even take the dogs for a walk. Not only does Louisiana Grills make the very best grills and accessories, they make the best spices and sauces! Are you looking to surprise dad or a loved one? A gift like this would last and last. And, your loved one would think of you every time they grill. Never let weather hold you back. GRILL GRILL GRILL with Louisiana Grills.

Robin Wolfe, Delaware,  USA

I can do anything from basic burgers to brisket overnight. I am able to change things up with just the pellets. The flavors are awesome! I love that I can experiment with many different meats and meals. Thank y’all for making a good product.

Allen Tapley, Idaho, USA

So now the big LG gets all the meats and his little brother does the desserts

I love that I can cook so many different things and different ways with it.

A.J. Renneberg, Saskatchewan, Canada

LG900, best machine I have used in ages, I have the cold smoker attached and it performs amazingly, love the ability to quick sear a steak, smoke a brisket at the same time and both still come out amazing.

Donavan Hunnam, Ontario, Canada

I love the cold smoker box I just added to my Louisiana Grill! First attempt at cold smoking cheese and salmon was awesome.

Jim Bennett

The thing I like most about my grill is the incredible flexibility that lets me sear a steak or low and slow a brisket. It just makes so many great meals.

Old Fat Guy

I love the fact that I never have to turn on my oven inside the house anymore. Since I purchased my LG 900 a little over a year ago I have done everything from baking cooking and pies to brisket and ribs and breakfast on my Louisiana Grill.

Kyle Villamor

I love our grill. We have had it about 5 years and have never looked back. I love cooking everything I can on it. We cooked Pork Bombs on it the other night and they were delicious.


I purchased an LG900 last April and have not used my oven since. Love your smokers so much I just picked up the LG1100 last month. So now the big boy gets all the meats and his little brother does the desserts. Thank you for a quality product!

Luis Duran

I love how versatile our grill is! We’ve cooked everything from a Christmas turkey to pizza to cookies! And many more!

Tiffany Leigh

Just love the versatility of my LG700 from 12 hour brisket to smoked pecan cornbread, this grill is truly amazing.

Frank Vaclav

Built with Quality & Durability

We’ve had our grill for a few years now and absolutely love it. No issues at all. Love it so much we are in the market for a second one for the lake.

Lisa Hagel, Saskatchewan, Canada

10 year old CS 450 still going strong. I just replaced the igniter last month! Unheard of for the original to last 10 years! Great quality product!

Eric Charlton, Washington, USA

I love my grill because it’s lasted for years and has provided us with tons of family BBQs!


Cooking with ease, Precision & Control

I bought my LG1100 for the ease and size. I love it as I can set it to any temp from 170°F to 600°F and it stays there. I find myself using my pellet grill more and more as there’s no need to babysit it, which gives me more time to prepare other sides, do yard work, or my favorite…nap. I would not hesitate to recommend Louisiana grills.

Greg Payette, Canada

I got the Super Hog this summer and it is the most amazing smoker ever. It is easy to use and consistent. Good work guys!

James B, USA

I can set it to any temp from 170°F to 600°F and it stays there.

We bought the Louisiana Grills Ceramic Charcoal Grill and were blown away! It was very easy to set up and takes a lot less time than we thought to heat the lump charcoal. We are using it daily and the food has been absolutely delicious no matter what we try.

Doreen Schaefer, Saskatchewan, Canada

Simplicity with great results! No more worrying about tending the fire all day long like my old wood burner smoker.

Mark Morissette, USA

My husband was skeptic about using a smoker. He is an avid barbecue cooker. I purchased a Louisiana Grills for him this past Christmas. It has taken the time consuming job of manning the BBQ away and he now is able to enjoy visiting with guests instead! And he loves the compliments be receives on his cooking!

Susan Johnson Brown, California

Set it and forget it allows me more family time on the weekends.

Stephen Forinash

Have owned my LG 900 for almost a year now, previously had a competitor’s grill. No comparison when it comes to low, slow cooking. Sunday afternoon ribs, or putting a on a butt on  Friday night so it’s ready for Saturday game day. By far the best on the market!

Clay Robinson

I just purchased one LG900 grill along with your pellets l was using a gas grill prior putting up with flare ups over cooked food so I decided to try one of your grills decided on the LG900 due to its versatility my first time I tried a slab of ribs started out 300 degrees for 15 min then dropped temp down to 225 degrees. I basted them after 3 hours every 30 min. At 4 hours they were done. Best ribs I have ever seen and tasted. Wonderful product. Worked wonderfully with  no flare ups. I didn’t  have to check on it like a gas grill. I’m very satisfied,

 Robert Shramek Sr.

Backed by Outstanding Customer Service

Have been a huge fan of Louisiana Grills since I bought mine 3 years ago. Best customer service ever!!!

Bruce Hogle, Edmonton, Alberta

I love my LG 900. Simple to use, it’s nice to set it and not have to babysit it. They have the best customer service I have even had to interact with. I can’t rate this product high enough. I am considering the purchase of another one.

John Pendray, Florida, USA

 I love the customer service of Louisiana Grills. I’ve burned 600lbs of pellets since I got my grill last May. Had 2 issues. Louisiana Grills was lightning fast and courteous to get my grill burning again. I promote these everywhere I go. The best cooking investment I’ve even made. Keep up the great work!

Ray Gregoire, Manitoba, Canada

This weekend, I am going to prepare and smoke a beef brisket, using my sister’s recipe for authentic Texas brisket. I can hardly wait!

I just wanted to let you know that you have the best customer service people I have ever dealt with.

Eileen Clark

COMPETITION Quality Cooking

I love the Louisiana Grills Super Hog for competition. This cooker will do it all and then flip to a caterer’s dream machine. They are so good I got two!

Michael Callaghan, Team Canada BBQ

I’ve been roasting pigs for years now. I decided to pick up a Louisiana grill smoker this summer and the 70lb pig I made on it has been the best one yet! Massive amounts of room in this baby!

Mark Culgin, Ontario, Canada

We cook some of our BBQ categories on a Louisiana Grill and they helped us take 1st place in the BBQ category at the World Food Championships! Thank you Louisiana Grills for making an awesome cooker.

Jeff Elser, Sweet Smoke Q

Great smoker for trying out new recipes for BBQ contests, and high temperatures for searing of steaks.

Markus Mcphail, Kansas, USA

Louisiana Grills helped us take 1st place in the BBQ category at the World Food Championships!

I started off with a smaller pellet grill and did pretty well at cooking competitions, so I called Louisiana Grills and told them I needed something bigger, they pointed me toward the Country Smokers line and now I’m the proud owner of one of the Whole Hog models and space is no longer an issue at competitions or for home gatherings!

Chris Farrier, Nebraska

Absolutely love our LG1100. It has turned me into a slow cook master overnight! From fall off the bone ribs to competition style brisket these pellet smokers are for everyone! My wife’s tatertot casserole or hot chicken salad taste amazing with a hint of smoke when cooked on it! All around an amazing grill! Thanks Louisiana Grills.

Trevor Fosness

I love my LG1100. It grills really well. Also, I was able to cook 3 slabs of ribs on the bottom shelf + chicken parts on top shelf and corn. My new grill has been quite a hit for EVERYONE that has seen it. Cooking on my grill makes me feel like a pro.

Cooking With Unbeatable Flavor

What I really love most is the fact that I can out-grill all my friends. I love the look on their faces when they say “You grilling this?” I love that everything comes out done to perfection.

Paul Parrish, Louisiana, USA

Brisket to steak, makes everything taste great.

Steve Shilha, Wisconson

I received my LG 900 nearly a year ago.  Very easy to use and operate.  The flavor added to the food is awesome.  My neighbors are in envy and the grill is often the topic of conversation when company is over.  I use it for everything, including smoking jerky.  Thanks for the great product!

Travis Blahun, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cooking Whatever the Weather

LG 900 Hard to beat the quality and price. Bought it last summer and used it all winter, great grill.

Randall Ayers

Our wonderful LG900 will perform in the worst storms, and still grill up a meal.

Robin Wolfe, Delaware

Love that I can use my LG all year, even when it’s -15 Celsius in Canada!

Jason Ely, Alberta, Canada

I love my grill as it doesn’t matter what the temp is outside in Sought Dakota it always fires up and makes awesome tasty meals. If I can impress my wife it is worth every penny.

Bruce Dutrow, South Dakota, USA

I love the fact that I can smoke a pork butt when its -14 degrees out and do hamburgers when it’s a 105 – the Louisiana handles both with ease. I have had my grill for almost 2 years and couldn’t be happier with the quality of food and the flavor profile put out by the grill!

Dustin W, Kansas



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