Pacific Energy- An industry leader!

Pacific Energy: Passion for Innovation
For over 35 years, our mission has been to design and develop cleaner, more efficient, and more beautiful fireplace heating solutions. We are relentless innovators, with a tradition for challenging conventions, and overturning traditional assumptions. In fact, many of our inventions have become standard components throughout our industry. Our dedicated team of engineers and craftspeople—based here in British Columbia—continue to improve on the state-of-the-art for cleaner, longer-burning, environmentally-responsible woodburning fireplaces, and energy-efficient, esthetically-pleasing gas fireplaces. We are proud of what we do, and it shows.

Crafted in North America

We are based in the Pacific Northwest, and its long, proud heritage of wood products and wood heating. We manufacture all of our products here, using the highest quality North American components whenever possible. Our experience has proven that premium products such as ours require the quality and long-term reliability that comes from trusted suppliers. We maintain a full-time, non-seasonal staff of highly trained, experienced craftspeople—in fact, Pacific Energy employees have an average of 17 years experience with the company. This ensures uncompromised quality and consistency, from component parts through manufacture, and gives us the confidence to back our products with a full lifetime warranty.


We at Pacific Energy are justifiably proud of our decades of leadership. Our home heating systems combine reliability, efficiency and beauty, and provide homes with the unmatched comfort, atmosphere and warmth of a fire in the hearth. Our success is a direct result of our commitment to quality, customer service, and ongoing innovation.
We build every Pacific Energy unit with care and craft. We use the highest quality materials: heavier gauge steel, thicker porcelain finishes, sturdier handles and fittings—and back our products with a lifetime warranty. We listen to our customers and work with our dealers to provide more choice, in sizes, heat production and features so that more homes can experience the pleasure of a fireplace and the comfort of a reliable, energy-efficient heat source. And, above all, we continue to improve our products, to innovate in esthetics and engineering. We are committed to remaining a leader in our field, and to continue to earn our customers’ trust.

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